Tips to Make Sand Painting

Tips to Make Sand Painting

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This is an interesting art work and it can be done easily. A sand painting is so attractive that you love to learn it. There is nothing complicated in this. It is a simple but beautiful way of expressing your ideas.

Tips to Make Sand Painting

1. Select a simple picture first so that you can learn easily.

2. You must have a hard board to draw the picture. Place your design over the card board and keep carbon paper under the design. Draw the picture carefully to trace it on the hard board.

3. Use a glass liner to mark the outlines of the pictures and let it dry

4. Apply glue on small parts of the picture and put sand over it. You will get sands of most of the colors. For this you must decide the colors on each part of your picture. Instead of this you can use the same color of sand everywhere.

5. Pat the sand over the glue and keep it for some time to dry. Then turn the hard board to remove the excess sand. Again glue the next part of your picture and repeat the process to complete the design.

6. You can use acrylic colors to paint the picture. Use brushes for applying colors. You can create any shades with these colors that you won’t get from the colored sand available in the market. The glass liner markings will help you to color different portions with different colors. You can also use oil paints instead of acrylic colors.

7. Apply clear varnish over the picture when the paint gets dried completely. It takes one or two days to dry. Varnish will provide a shining to your picture and will keep the sand intact. Now keep it for drying.

8. After two days of drying you can frame the picture.

Your sand work or sand painting is now ready.

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