Tips to make soap at home

Tips to make soap at home

Tips to make soap at home - Soap Ingredients - How to Make Bar Soap - How to Make Gel Soap | Tips on - Find TipsSoap making can be an interesting hobby. Soaps of different shapes and sizes, fragrance and qualities can be easily made at home. You can add a number of ingredients in the soap, but the basic ingredients are lye, water and oil.

Bar soap

First, take an enamel, plastic or glass container and dissolve about 12 oz of lye in 32 oz of water. Lye or Sodium Hydroxide is a strong chemical and you should be careful while using it. Instead of adding water to lye, add lye to water. As you pour lye, stir the mixture constantly. Remember to use only cold water for the process and use only plastic or wooden spoon for stirring the mixture. Allow the mixture to stand for sometime, so that it gradually cools.

Heat about 25 oz of coconut oil. To it, add olive oil, any vegetable oil, essential oil or aromatic oils. Before adding the lye mixture to the oils, make sure that both the lye solution and the oils have cooled down. Slowly stir the mixture. If bubbles appear, reduce your speed of stirring. The best stirring method is to stir the solution for 15 minutes, then wait for 15 minutes and stir it for 5 minutes. Add herbs and flower extracts or colors to the mixture. Colors are available in several forms. Liquids, glycerin and powder based colors are popularly used. When the mixture attains the consistency as thick as cooked custard, pour the mixture into a soap mould. The mould should be greased with Crisco. Cover the mould with a thick cloth. Leave it aside for a few days. After some days, the soap can be taken out of the mould. Now cut the soap in the shape of bars, keep the bars aside for a few days to allow it to dry and harden.

Gel Soap

Making gel soap is easier than making a bar soap.


2 cups of grated bar soap
2 tablespoon glycerin
½ gallon water


Take a container and add all the ingredients. Put the container over low heat and stir gently, until the soap dissolves. Pour the mixture to a container and cover it. When the mixture cools, your gel soap is ready.

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