Tips to Make Spa in Your Bathroom

Tips to Make Spa in Your Bathroom

Tips to Make Spa in Your Bathroom - Convert Your Bathtub Into a Spa - Create a Lovely Spa in Your Bathroom | Tips on - Find TipsInstead of spending lots of money in a spa, with some ingenuity you can convert your bathtub into a spa. You don’t have to spend a fortune renovating your bathroom. With some minor changes in your bathroom, you can create a lovely spa, where you can pamper yourself.


No single light source is adequate for your bathroom. While brushing your teeth or putting on makeup, you will need bright light, and a dim light will create a soothing effect, when you are relaxing in the bathtub. If you are reluctant to install separate lamps in your bath, install a dimmer switch, which can change the light according to your need.


Your bathroom should be neat and tidy. A disorganized and crammed bathroom, instead of helping you to relax, will add to your woes. Avoid stashing excessive toiletries in the bathroom. All cosmetics and toiletries should be kept in the cabinets or in the closet.


Use a soft and fluffy towel to pat yourself dry, when you step out of the bath. You also need the towel to wrap yourself after bath. You can even opt for a bath sheet.


Keep a mat large enough to cover a big area of your bathroom, in front of the tub. After a relaxing spa bath, you should avoid stepping on hard and cold floor.

Music and candle

To recreate an authentic spa-like environment in your bathroom, install a music system in your bathroom. When you are relaxing in the spa bath, play a soft music. Light candles to create a soothing ambiance.


To invigorate your mind, try connecting with nature while relaxing in the spa bath. Keep potted plants in your bath. You can even decorate the floor around your bathtub with pebbles and stones.


Your bathroom should be painted in neutral or earthy shades. White is common color used in bathrooms. The walls should have rich satin finish and not glossy or matte finish. To make your bathroom look bigger, hang large mirrors on the walls.

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