Tips to Make Stuffed Tomatoes with Egg

Tips to Make Stuffed Tomatoes with Egg

Tips to Make Stuffed Tomatoes with Egg - Egg Stuffed Tomatoes Recipe - Stuffed Tomatoes with Egg Recipe | Tips on - Find TipsStuffed Tomatoes with Egg

Stuffed tomatoes with eggs make a beautiful dish. It catches the attention of people and parties because of its beauty and taste. You can also give your family a good treat with stuffed tomatoes with eggs on their breakfast. You can also serve it on brunch table. It is a healthy food that is nutritious too.

Tips to Make Stuffed Tomatoes with Egg

1. Manage to get six large red ripe tomatoes and wash them well. Cut the blossom end of the tomatoes at half inch thickness and remove the seeds and pulp from inside and keep it aside. Cut the top of the tomatoes also by one fourth inch thickness to make it sit properly after stuffing.

2. Keep the cut tomatoes upside down to drain the juicy and water. Keep it on a paper towel.

3. Take two onions and chop it in to thin slices.

4. Keep a frying pan on the stove and heat the pan. Add one table spoon oil to the pan and heat it. Then add the thinly sliced onion in to the oil and sauté it till it becomes golden brown.

5. Add half teaspoon each of cumin seed powder and chili powder to the fried onion. Now add one fourth teaspoon turmeric powder, half teaspoon sugar and salt to taste. Mix all the ingredients well and sauté them for about five minutes.

6. Now add the tomato pulp that has taken before to the frying pan and mix all the ingredients well.

7. Take three eggs and beat them well and add it to the mixture in the frying pan. Stir the contents till it forms a thick creamy consistency. Then turn off the stove and add one table spoon of chopped fresh coriander leaf to the egg and stir them well.

8. Keep the tomato cases in a baking dish and fill then with the egg mixture. Cover it with the sliced off tops of the tomatoes.

9. Drop a small ball of butter on top of the tomatoes and bake them in an oven till the tomatoes are cooked well.

Now your stuffed tomatoes with eggs are ready to consume.

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