Tips to make Summer Drinks

Tips to make Summer Drinks

Tips to make Summer Drinks - Refreshing Drinks - Benefits of Juices in Summer - Recipes for Summer Drinks | Tips on - Find TipsWhen summer is here what is that your heart craves for the most? Any guesses? Well, if you ask me I will say some refreshing drinks. After a day’s hectic schedule a glass of lemonade or watermelon juice will help you regain your lost spirit to a huge extent. You will feel relaxed and energetic. Thus, today I will share with you some of my magic secrets for beating the summer blues.

Lemon Juice: This is the best drink you should try during summer. This is not only refreshing in nature it also helps to gain the water content of the body that you often loose during this hot season. Take a glass of water and mix one spoon of salt to it. Add two spoons of sugar syrup and squeeze one whole lemon to this mixture. Blend it well in a blender and taste it. Add the required stuffs like sugar and salt as per your taste and store it in a refrigerator for some time. Serve it chill. It is a wonderful remedy to help someone beat the heat.

Mango Smoothie: This is a very special drink. Mangoes are the specialties of summer and nothing can be as good as a mango milk shake during this season. Cut the mangoes in cubes and keep them aside. Take chilled milk and add one scoop of vanilla ice cream to it while you blend it. Now add the mango cubes to the mixer and blend it again. Add one spoon of sugar to it but be careful as you have already added some sweet substances like ice cream and mango. Taste it and if you find the sugar level to be right serve it chilled.

Watermelon Juice: Cut small cubes of watermelon and blend it well in a mixer with some yoghurt. For one cup of watermelon cubes you will need one cup of yoghurt. Add sugar to the mixer and blend it again. If the mixer is too thick add some water to it. Cool it in the fridge and serve it chilled.

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