Tips to Make Sun Tea

Tips to Make Sun Tea

Tips to Make Sun Tea - How to Make Sun Tea - Making Sun Tea - Sun Tea | Tips on - Find TipsSun tea is the tea that you can make with out getting in to your kitchen. You can use the energy of sun for making sun tea. It is slightly bitter than the tea made by boiling the water or it has a flavor different from the boiled tea because of the slow oozing. Here are some tips to make the sun tea.

How to Make Sun Tea

1. Take a glass jar that can keep the quantity of tea you wish to make. It must have a lid also. Now fill the glass jar with water that you want.

2. You can use either loose tea or tea bags for making the sun tea. Four teaspoon of tea or four tea bags can make four cups of tea. If you want strong tea then you can add more tea bags or tea dust to the jar. While placing the tea bag make sure that the bag is completely immersed in water.

3. Keep the glass jar in hot sun in a windowsill or in the porch. The best time to make sun tea is around 11 am.

4. Check the color of the tea after one hour and shake it and keep it again in the sun till you get the desired color. Once you get the color that you want then take the glass jar back to the kitchen and strain the liquid if you are using tea dust for making sun tea.

5. Keep the tea in the refrigerator or pour it over the ice taken in a glass. You can add either sugar or honey to make it sweet and decorate it with a lemon slice.

6. You can make different flavors for the sun tea. This can be achieved by using different flavored tea bags along with the normal tea bags. Instead of the four normal tea bags use three normal tea bags and one flavored tea bags. You will get flavors like raspberry, wild strawberry, cherry vanilla etc for making sun tea. You can also make herbal sun tea with sprigs of fresh mint.

7. You can also make sun tea with lemon flavor by mixing lemon juice taken from one lemon in to the strained tea. Add sugar and refrigerate it.

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