Tips to Massage Your Baby

Tips to Massage Your Baby

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Massages are always exciting. If it’s to a baby it works more. It helps the baby to have a good sleep and easy digestion and absorption of the food. It improves the blood circulation and the muscle tones and movements. It helps the muscles to work in coordination. It also makes a glowing skin.

Correct Time and Position for Massaging

a. Choose a time when your baby’s is neither hungry nor having a full stomach. Avoid the sleeping time as the babies won’t like distraction while sleeping.

b. Find a position comfortable to you and your baby. Stretch your leg and keep your baby on his back on your leg so that you can talk to him and play with him.

c. Use natural oils like almond oil, coconut oil, olive oil etc. warm the oil in your hands and apply it on the baby.

How to Massage

a. Start massaging from the forehead by stroking with the thumb finger from center to outwards.

b. Try to pull out the baby’s nose as it gives good shape to the nose.

c. Press the upper lips with the thump finger and stroke from the center to outwards. This will help while teething

d. Provide circular motions on the jaws

e. Massage the chest with slight stroking towards out.

f. Use both hands to massage the tummy. Move one hand from left to right and other from right to left horizontal to the body and one after the other. Make clock wise circular movements on the tummy which will help to expel the gas.

g. Roll both hands in your hand and pull them slightly. Do slight exercise with the hands in a playful manner which makes your baby happy. Fold and release the fingers too.

h. Roll both the legs inwards with both of your hands and this have to be done simultaneously. Massage the toes and foot. Exercise the legs by bending the knees and pull them up to touch the stomach.

i. Stroke at the back of the baby in a straight line from its shoulder to feet. Do not do in the reverse direction.

Massaging helps in the growth and development of the baby by giving him better sleeps and digestion. It improves the bond between you and your baby.

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