Tips To Nix Bad Hair Day

Tips To Nix Bad Hair Day

Tips To Nix Bad Hair Day - Bad Hair - Bad Hair Days - Battle With Bad Hair - Oily Hair - Dry Hair » Tips to fix bad hair dayTerrified that you’ll become bald after spotting some strands lying around on our pillow? Or tired of wrestling with an unruly and frizzy crown? Here are some tips that can help you to battle with bad hair day.
For oily hair:
* After shampooing your hair, put a teaspoon of white vinegar and few drops of patchouli oil in a mug of hot water. Now use this solution to wash your hair as your last rinse.

* A very simple way that you can implement when you have to go out for some occasion but don’t have a time for shampoo: add some talcum powder on your scalp and brush your hair till all the traces of white disappears. This will extract all the oiliness from your hair.

* You can always go for vitamin B6 and zinc supplements in your diet on regular basis for reducing the oiliness of your hair.

For dry hair:
* A hot oil treatment works wonder for dry hair. Take one tablespoon of each castor, almond and olive oil. Now heat this little and apply to your scalp. Later wrap a towel dipped in hot water over your head for about 20-25 minutes. Doing this before shampooing your hair really keeps them soft and silky, preventing it from getting drier.

* Mind it, conditioning and towel drying your hair after every wash is a must for this hair type. If you do not wish to use various readymade conditioners which are readily available in market, then you can go for natural options like flat beer. A water based serum goes a long way in adding shine to this hair type.

* You can take an evening primrose supplement or one tablespoon of flaxseed oil everyday. Alternatively you can also have handful of flaxseed everyday.

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