Tips to Overcome Depression Combined with Panic Attacks

Tips to Overcome Depression Combined with Panic Attacks

Tips to Overcome Depression Combined with Panic Attacks - Cure Panic Attacks - How to Handle Depression and Panic Attacks | Tips on - Find TipsDepression and panic attack is really a deadly combination to face. But the good thing is that it does have a permanent solution without putting a burn in your pocket.

There is no particular place where the attack takes place- it can occur anytime such as in home, work place, holidays, before any particular occasion and others. What to do in such a scenario or what can one do to help a close person in such scenario?

1. Ask the person to calm down and breathe deeply - inhale and exhale for a number of times. Start counting from 10 and go backwards to 1. Advice the person to let go of the troubles that induced the panic attack in the first place. Use both the diaphragm and the abdomen for breathing in and out.

2. Approach a counselor or a psychiatrist and take the help of cognitive behavioural therapy- it is acknowledged as the best way to get rid of depression panic attacks.

3. Positive Surroundings - The environment surrounding the patient of depressive panic attack should never be gloomy, dark, and filled with negative energy. These things increase the depression factor. Take the person for prayers and sermons. Instill the feeling of being positive by being optimistic and the attitude of a go-getter instead of being bogged down.

One of the main reasons of depressive panic attacks is FEAR. Often, it is the weak minded and weak willed people who go under depression.

4. Self Help Books - If you do not want the patient to use drugs or if the cost of treating the person through counseling is too high, the search for self-help books. These are available in the markets and over the internet too. These books are very credible and written by people in the profession.

Almost all people advice the use of natural techniques as the best mode of depression panic cure rather than the consumption of chemical drugs.

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