Tips To OverCome Your Drowsiness At Work

Tips To OverCome Your Drowsiness At Work

Tips To OverCome Your Drowsiness At Work - Drowsiness Causes - Tips To Overcome Sleeplessness - Fight Drowsiness | Tips on - Find TipsToo much of stress and tention generally causes sleeplessness.Inadequate sleep at night can make you feel drowsy during the daytime.Thus, your work routine suffers.

You feel uncomfortable and less concentrated. Such lack of concentration may lead to blunders in your work. Therefore, it is highly essential that you fight back such drowsiness to feel fresh and stand firm on your toes.

If you had a bad sleep last night then the next day at work can be killing for you, as you feel tired and sleepy the whole hour. There might be various other reasons to drowsiness as heavy meal, medication, party hangover, etc. Generally, the after lunch hours at work are the most crucial ones and it is then that you need to fight back your drowsiness.

When you feel drowsy at work and there is still lots to be completed and you know that by no means can you let such drowsiness get over you, best is to get up from your seat and take a small walk. Move out of the small, enclosed area called cubicle and step out to the big world.

A small round in the open air will make you feel relaxed. Chat with your acquaintances for some time. This will help you both release the stress and get over the sleepiness.

Another option is to go to the washroom and freshen up. Sprinkle some cold water on your face and eyes. This helps to kick away the drowsiness miles away. You will now feel fresh and thus, will be able to concentrate better.

Another good option is to go for a cup of hot coffee or tea. The caffeine contained in the coffee helps in getting over the drowsiness. It will make you feel better and will help you to concentrate on work again. Beverages like tea or coffee are energy boosters and stress relievers.

If you are not beverage lover, drink some water. Intake of fluid, though preferably hot, helps in getting over drowsiness. You can also try some chewing gums, as they are good enough keep you fresh.

Drowsiness at odd times is a true disaster and I am sure the above tips will help you overcome it and fell fresh for the rest of the day. However, if it does not work and your problem keep lingering, do visit a doctor for medication as there might be some health disorders.

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