Tips to plan a romantic long drive for your spouse

Tips to plan a romantic long drive for your spouse

Tips to plan a romantic long drive for your spouse - Tips for Long Drive - Long Drive comfort Tips | Tips on - Find TipsLong drive is a pleasure for many, especially for the ones whose hobby is to drive. If you are one of them then am sure you will enjoy reading this article. Here I will give you some tips to make the long drive a little bit romantic and spicy.

Let this long drive be a surprise to your lady. Do not intimate her on this from before. However, you make your preparations beforehand. Choose a holyday or a particular day when none of have any specific plans. Wake up early in the morning, even before she does and arrange everything silently. Here is the list of the things you should take care of while you go for a drive.

Decide the place you want to take her too. It can be either a new spot or some place of her choice. It should be far away from the madding crowd. It should be a place of serenity and comfort.

Check car for enough fuel. Also keep enough backup. Check you car for other matters like gas, tyres and other mechanical parts in order to avoid sudden breakdowns. If there are some issues with your car, mend them before you leave.

Arrange for some beverage like tea or coffee as per your spouses choice and carry it in a thermos. You should also arrange for some snacks like, cookies, sandwiches, biscuits, muffins, etc. Try to choose the snacks as per her choice. She will like it.

If you want to make it a little exciting, carry some flowers of her choice in the backseat so that you can gift her once you reach your destination. You can also carry a small gift for her. You do not need occasions to give gifts to your loved ones. It can be done any time. Keep some good and soothing music of her choice ready for the ride.

Now, after the arrangements are over, wake her up and ask her to get ready quickly. Keep the garments ready for her, that you think she would prefer wearing for this ride. She will be taken by surprise and you can be sure that she will appreciate it a lot.

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