Tips To Plan A Vacation With Kids

Tips To Plan A Vacation With Kids

Tips To Plan A Vacation With Kids - How to Plan a Vacation for your Kids & Summer Vacation Ideas with KidsThe summer is here. Though it is the pleasantest respite from getting up early, preparing school lunch pack and getting your kid ready for school, the very thought of having the “in motion, full of zeal” monsters around is enough to fill you with anxiety. So, like all other things with some good planning we can make it enjoyable for them as well as for us.

Participative Chore Charting

Involve your kids in preparing the chore chart as it will ensure better involvement and acceptability of the chores. It should have all the elements including academics, value building and all other activities that he/she enjoys to do. While it may be difficult to induce the academic components in it, you have to manipulative at times to do so. Decorate the chart and make him note down the daily routine.

Go shopping for supplies

Create hype the day you would like to go for shopping. Make him prepare a list of stationery that he has to buy including lots of color papers so that he could play around the world of origami. Encourage the kid to be creative and come up with own origami designs. Don’t forget the book store, buy age specific books. Stock up on some subject specific work books. If the kid shows disinterest in narrative writing, buy books with illustrations or pictorial representations. And most importantly allow him to choose his collection; do not force your intellect on him. Also, allow him to stack up some snacks that he loves, irrespective of their health value. Let them experience some independence from the daily monotonous lifestyle they follow during normal days.

Kid’s work station

Prepare a small corner in the house which the kids could be free to use in whatever way they want to without the fear of being reprimanded for messing up. Make it comfortable by adjusting a small chair and table, a roll on bed and a small pillow. This may not be possible if the house is small. In that case see to that his study table is his work station.

Tips To Plan A Vacation With Kids - How to Plan a Vacation for your Kids & Summer Vacation Ideas with Kids

Computer games and sites

This topic is always debatable. You may not agree allowing the kid to play computer games unattended. But there are a few sites which your kid could use without you fretting. These kid friendly sites while entertaining the kids, aims at improving their concentration, analytical thinking, reflex actions and a lot more. school resources and Internet4classroom are few such sites. And lest I miss the obvious ones, here are a few names, Cartoon,, etc. You could also download a free screen saver maker and allow them to make their own screen saver. The world of power point presentation is very fascinating for the kids, teach them the basics and allow them to explore the rest.

Value Building

Our Kids are so used to the luxuries of life and the concentrated nuclear families that they hardly are aware of the values like charity and sharing. They find it so difficult to adapt and adjust when put in a new atmosphere. Plan a trip with your kid to an orphanage or old age home. Ask him to form a group in the society where you reside and go collecting old clothes. It may not be appreciated by many parents but it is a great way to expose them to charity. Give them a letter signed by all parents mentioning the facts as to where the donations would go. There are many NGOs who could collect it from your doorstep. Old age homes could be the window to the value that being nice and sharing could cheer up so many faces. It would also help them to inculcate the value of respecting the elders.

Tips To Plan A Vacation With Kids - How to Plan a Vacation for your Kids & Summer Vacation Ideas with Kids

Improving the writing skills

Our handwriting is a reflection of our personality, isn’t graphology all about it. Help your kid improve his handwriting. Make him write one page a day, promise a small gift at the end of the exercise. Help him hone his writing skills in terms of handwriting and speed. Also, this is a good time to improve on the vocabulary. Use the picture dictionary or the word encyclopedia to build on the vocabulary of your kid. Pictures accompanied by explanations have greater comprehension and are received well by our minds .Ask them to learn two new words everyday and use them in sentences of their own. It indeed is a great tool to improve on linguistics and will definitely lay the foundation of good communication skills.

Splash and GO

Splash some money, buy tickets for theme parks and water worlds. Make them feel important by taking them to such places, try and make it memorable, something that they can cherish while narrating vacation time to their kids. If you have resources, allow them to swim for longer hours. It will burn away the unused energy which makes them so restless. They will get worn out and take a longer nap.

You can get as innovative as possible with ideas for summer vacation. You are the best judge of your child, chart out activities keeping the interest of the child in mind. There are ample options available in this e-world. One of the most important things is to spend some quality time with your kids. Schedule your day and work, make space for your kid. Cuddle him, hug him, read out stories during bedtime, and eat lunch and dinner together. It is this time that you spend now that would define the nuances of the relationship you will share later.

The vacation is something that both you and the kid look forward to and when it is there, enjoy it the fullest. Spare the child the burden of studies; engage in learning activities in play way method. Allow the kid to indulge in activities he likes to do, incorporate the elements you want to in his routine, lovingly without nagging.So go ahead, have a great time; here’s wishing the mom and kid a fabulous fun filled vacation.

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