Tips to Prevent Age Spots

Tips to Prevent Age Spots

Tips to Prevent Age Spots - Preventing Age Spots - Remove Age Spots | Tips on - Find TipsMany people lack confidence because of ugly brown spots, which are usually caused due to excessive exposure to sunlight. Are you too frustrated by those horrible age spots? Due to UV rays, skin produces more melanin, which further results in sunspots. Do not fret. Here are some effective ways through which you can prevent or remove these spots:

1. Herbs can be used for natural skin care like Aloe Vera, which is used externally for acne burns, sunburn, etc; Avocado is used as moisturizers and green tea has an antioxidant effect.

2. Use sunscreen to protect yourself from sun exposure. Wear tight clothes, full sleeves shirts, hat, and sunglasses wherever you can.

3. Take proper diet including green leafy vegetables, carrots, nuts, and fish as they are rich in calcium, carotene, and iron.

4. Do exercise or yoga daily, which improves blood circulation and helps preventing age spots.

5. Use natural whitening cream, which inhibits melanin to gently whiten your skin. But beware of those products which may include the ingredients that are extremely harmful to your skin. Cream containing extra pone nut grass is very effective for age spots.

6. Some of the expensive methods, which also include some risk, are chemical peel and laser resurfacing. As laser burns off the outer layer of skin, you may experience some discomfort.

7. Use anti aging cream, which contains Vitamin E that helps to reverse the sign of aging and restores the skin to a younger and healthier look.

8. You can easily make your own homemade spot removing cream like:

- Mix two big spoon of yogurt and juice of a lemon, mix it well, and then apply to your age spot. Leave the mask for whole night and wash it in the morning. You can feel the results in few weeks.

- Use hydrogen peroxide on age spot and leave there for whole night and see results after few weeks.

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