Tips To Prevent Heart Attack

Tips To Prevent Heart Attack

Tips To Prevent Heart Attack - How to Prevent Heart Disease in Women - Heart Attack Symptoms - What are the Symptoms of a Heart Attack? | Tips on - Find TipsAfter breast cancer, heart attack is fast emerging as the major reason of death of adult women. To make matters worse for women patients, early signs of heart attacks often go unrecognized or undiagnosed. Women become particularly vulnerable to heart attacks after the onset of menopause. Studies have shown that nearly 38 percent of women suffering a heart attack die within a year compared with only 25 percent of men who suffer the same fate.

To prevent a heart attack, women should follow a few things.

Controlling Health Conditions that Lead to Heart Attack

If you are suffering from obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, the probability of suffering from coronary diseases increase manifold. Besides your physical health, your mental health might increase your chances of having a heart attack. Anxiety, stress and depression should be kept under control along with your physical ailments mentioned above.

Stop Smoking

You should quit smoking. If smoking has become a habit, consult health experts to help you get rid of this unhealthy habit.

Healthy Diet

There can be no alternative to a healthy diet. Your daily meal should be rich in foods containing fiber, omega -3, folic acid, magnesium and calcium. Vitamin B supplements could be consumed to keep your heart healthy. Reduce intake of salt, unsaturated fats and sugar, which contribute to high level of cholesterol, triglyceride, high blood sugar and high blood pressure levels.


Medical researches have shown that regular intake of low dose aspirin helps to prevent heart attack. If you are nearing menopause or if you are in the post-menopause stage, consult your physician about the efficacy of taking a daily dosage of aspirin. Aspirin protects the heart by preventing clotting of blood by thinning the blood.


Being overweight increases the chances of having a heart attack. Following a daily exercise schedule containing mild to moderate physical activities is good for the heart.

Visit your Doctor Regularly

Regular health check ups would help you prevent a heart attack. Given the chances of a sudden heart attack occurring without any previous warning or symptoms of an imminent attack, women should go for frequent check ups.

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