Tips To Prevent Motion Sickness

Tips To Prevent Motion Sickness

Tips To Prevent Motion Sickness - How to Prevent Motion Sickness - Cause of Motion Sickness | Tips on - Find TipsMany of us suffer from motion sickness while embarking a long journey. Motion sickness starts with nausea, which if left untreated might worsen your condition leading to nonstop vomiting, ruining your entire trip. People suffering from motion sickness are often afraid to go on a long ride. However, there are a number of ways that could help you prevent motion sickness.

Cause of Motion Sickness

Motion sickness is primarily caused by conflicting signals send by our sensory organs, the inner ears and the eyes that make our balancing system go awry.

How to Prevent Motion Sickness

Drive with Caution

While on a long drive, allow a constant stream of cool air to enter your car. Even if you are driving during winter, do not prevent the airflow even if it makes the interior a little chilly. Slow down while taking curves. If there is danger of developing motion sickness, to retain your equilibrium, do not encourage rash driving.

Make frequent stops on your way. Keep your sight focused at the horizon. Rest your head against the seat and do not read while traveling. It is best to travel in the night if you are suffering from motion sickness. During the night, you cannot see the motion as clearly as during the day. This lessens the conflict between your inner ears and your eyes.


It is advisable to eat something before traveling, lest you do not vomit bile on your way. However, you should avoid heavy meals, especially limiting liquid intake to a few sips.

Ginger is used as a traditional medicine for preventing motion sickness. However, if the nausea is extremely severe ginger might not help. Olive and lemon are also effective in curing nausea.


In traditional Chinese therapy, pressing the point two inches above the wrist of your forearm with the index finger of our opposite arm prevents motion sickness. Acupressure wristbands are available that could be worn before traveling to prevent motion sickness.

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