Tips to Protect against Hereditary Diseases

Tips to Protect against Hereditary Diseases

Tips to Protect against Hereditary Diseases - How to Prevent Hereditary Diseases - Rh Factor Test | Tips on - Find TipsHereditary diseases can be caused because of the effects of the genes along with the environmental and lifestyle factors, diet as also biological factors. Though not fully treatable yet these can be prevented by following a few things and incorporating a few changes in your lifestyle.

A few preliminary steps

Maintain Family Medical Report

You could keep a medical history of three generations. While preparing a record, write the medical history of your parents, siblings and your children. Then track the medical histories of your grandparents (both sets), uncles, aunts and grandchildren, if any, and prepare a detailed record of this information. Make a note of the diseases that are seen often in your family. Keep separate notes of the medical tests that have been done at different stages. Keep an eye on the eating habits and exercise timing too.

Let your Physician know all the details

We often do not understand the difference between symptoms of common ailments and those of more serious nature. So, when you consult your doctor do not forget to mention your family’s medical history, as that will help your doctor to find out if these symptoms are related to any of the hereditary diseases.

Premarital check-up

Before getting married go for thalassemia tests because if both the parents are carriers then the scope of the child being born a thalassemic increases. Other than this go for the Rh factor test.

Lifestyle modification

To prevent hereditary diseases like heart ailments, diabetes, obesity and arthritis pay attention to your lifestyle. Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Exercise at least 15 minutes a day that may include anything from brisk walking, yoga, and meditation to cardio workout. Exercising is beneficial in preventing high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes and obesity. It also helps to reduce stress and tiredness.

Plan your diet keeping your family history in mind. Include food rich in antioxidants, green vegetables, fruits, salads, and food rich with high calcium and iron content. Keep your weight under control, as this will relieve you from cardiac ailments, diabetes and even osteoarthritis. Stay away from alcohol and cigarettes to stay fit and healthy.

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