Tips to Quit Smoking

Tips to Quit Smoking

Tips to Quit Smoking - How to Quit Smoking - Affects of Smoking - How to Get Rid of Smoking | Tips on - Find TipsSmoking has been labelled as one of the root causes of many health related problems. Infact, smoking has become one of the fashion statements of sought for today’s generation. Many serious ailments such as heart attack, blood pressure, and foul breath, infection in gums, a feeling of misery, cancer in various forms and related heart diseases are dangerous outcome of smoking. People get addicted to smoking in such a manner that it is difficult for them to leave it even when they want to do so.


The resultant effects of smoking are not limited to one part of the body. It leaves an overall impact on human well-being. Due to indiscriminate use of cigarettes, our nose, ear, lungs, skin, blood and even throat gets badly affected.

Smoking also leads to the development of various other serious ailments such as diabetes, impotency in both the sexes and osteoporosis which can prove quite harmful in later stages of life.

Here are some of the tips that might help you in getting rid of this dangerous addiction of smoking:

1) Take a firm pledge that you can quit smoking. Remember, that how you have handled more difficult situation than this one.

2) Very often repeat in your mind that you can have to take this step for the betterment of your life by memorizing, “I can do it”.

3) Write down your own thoughts separately on a piece of paper describing how you plan to tackle your habit of smoking in your own way.

4) Solicit the support of your family members to help you in giving up this menacing habit.

5) If you want to be disciplined enough in your approach then lay down a target date on which you’ll be leaving cigarettes forever.

6) Take the help of a good doctor in guiding you towards accomplishing this tedious mission.

7) Take a walk for over 30 minutes daily and also do some deep breathing exercises as entailed in yoga which acts as a natural healer.

Tips to Quit Smoking - How to Quit Smoking - Affects of Smoking - How to Get Rid of Smoking | Tips on - Find Tips Drink lots of water because it acts as a natural purifier by removing accumulated toxins from the body.

9) One of the easiest ways to quit smoking is to start decreasing the amount of cigarette by one and ultimately you will realize that you are fed up of this habit.

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