Tips to Refinish a Hardwood Floor by Sanding

Tips to Refinish a Hardwood Floor by Sanding

Tips to Refinish a Hardwood Floor by Sanding - How to Refinish a Hardwood Floor - Refinishing a Hardwood Floor - Refinishing Hardwood Floor Tips | Tips on - Find TipsThe wooden floors require refinishing at intervals. You can do waxing or buffing to get a good shine but it won’t give the beauty of refinishing. If your floor has a lot of dings or scratches then you have to do refinishing. If your floor feels sags or become spongy, or if the boards are warped, then it will be ideal to replace the floor.

Before starting your refinishing work check the edges of the floor and make sure that there are enough wood remains for refinishing. If it’s a wooden floor then only it can be refinished several times as each process takes more wood away from the floor. It involves three processes sanding, staining the floor and finishing the floor.

Sanding the Floor

1. Take out all the furniture and carpets from the room and observe the room carefully to find out any pulled out nails. If so beat them down to the surface. Also check for the carpet tacks and staples and remove them from the surface.

2. Enquire in your near by equipment rental shop for the floor sander. Traditional drum sander is good but is difficult to manage. Orbital sanders are also available and they are a bit easier. While taking the floor sander for rent asks them to demonstrate it. Get enough sand papers and most the rental shops may keep sand papers also.

3. Put the heavy grit sand paper of about 36 grit on the sander and run it in the direction of the wood grain in straight line. Never run the sander across the grain. Once you covered the entire room then change the sandpaper with a lighter grain of about 60 grit and repeat the process. Repeat the job with 80 grit and 100 grit sand papers. Before starting the work with the new paper pick up the sand dust with a vacuum cleaner. If your sander is not able to cover the edges then use an edger for the purpose.

Take care to stop the sander while not moving. Other wise it will make a groove on the floor. Sanding with different grains of sand paper will provide you a beautiful and smooth floor.

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