Tips To Remove Cholera

Tips To Remove Cholera

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Cholera is caused due to contaminated food, water and droplets. It is a highly infectious disease.

In severe cases immediate medical attention is essential. Here are few natural remedies to solve your cholera problem.

Few natural tips for cholera:

1. Take 30 grams of onion and 10 black peppers, then grind them properly and make a fine mixture. Take this mixture three times in a day. It is one of the effective treatments for this problem.

2. Mix 2 teaspoon bitter gourd juice with 2 teaspoons of white onion juice then add one teaspoon of lime juice. Consume this mixture twice in a day. It is very useful natural remedy for cholera.

3. Take ginger, black pepper, holy basil and mint then prepare a black herbal tea. Drink this tea. It is one the simple remedy and cures your cholera condition quickly.

4. In one liter of boiled water put 4 heaped teaspoons of sugar and mix them properly. Then add ½ teaspoon of salt in it. Drink this mixture as much as possible. It will help you to remove or cure cholera problem.

5. Take one glass of fresh cucumber leaves juice and one glass of coconut water then mix them properly. Take this mixture in the dosage of 30-60 ml at one time. It is one of the best remedy for this problem.

6. Put holy basil leaves into the boiling water and prepare a decoction. Drink this decoction, and it will help you to remove cholera.
You can also take one glass lemon or orange juice everyday. It will help in killing the cholera bacilli. It is one the excellent remedy for cholera.

Remember these things: Food must be prepared in proper hygienic condition, avoid oily & junk food and take vegetable soup with spices like rock salt, ginger and black pepper added.

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