Tips to Remove Hiccups

Tips to Remove Hiccups

Tips to Remove Hiccups - Natural Remedies to remove your Hiccups - Tips to Stop your Hiccups Quickly - Stop Hiccups | Tips on - Find TipsHiccups are caused due to stomach disorders, kidney problem, sudden excitement, hot & spicy foods, infection in lungs and eating too much & too fast. Often hiccups last for few minutes, but if your hiccups are lasting for more than two days then it may indicate a cause of underlying disease, which needs immediate medical attention. The major hiccups symptoms are continuous hip sound from the throat and contraction of diaphragm. Here are few natural remedies which will remove your hiccups problem.

Natural tips for hiccups:

1. Take ½ teaspoon mustard seeds and ½ teaspoon pure ghee then mix them properly. Consume this mixture to stop your hiccups quickly. It is one of the effective remedy for hiccups.

2. In 2 cup of water put ½ teaspoon of cardamom fresh powder and boil it. Sieve it and take this mixture while warm. It will provide quick relief from hiccups. It is very useful natural remedy for this problem.

3. Mix 2 tablespoons salt with half bowl of curd. Eat this curd to remove your hiccups problem. It is one of best remedy, which sooths the irritation caused in the diaphragm and stops hiccups.

4. Take one tablespoon sugar and swallow it slowly or eat peanut butter. All these things are very effective to stop your hiccups within a few minutes.
You can also cover your ears and drink the water in fast gulps without stopping your breath. It is one of the common and simple remedy for this problem.

Remember these things: Drink water frequently in short duration to stop hiccups, avoid spicy & junk food, eat small pieces of ginger and take balanced diet.

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