Tips To Remove Scars

Tips To Remove Scars

Tips To Remove Scars - How To Remove Scars - What to do to Remove Scars - Herbal Treatment For Scars | Tips on - Find TipsThose people who suffer from acne scars are always curious to remove them but because of lack of information they are unable to treat those scars. It is one of the most common problems faced by teenagers. It may result in deprivation of self confidence. This article will provide you with certain tips that will help you removing acne scars.

Some tips to remove scars are:

- Clean your face at least twice a day with a face wash, which suits your skin or consult dermatologist to suggest which cleanser will suit your skin type. Prefer creams containing benzoyl peroxide as its main base, which dries acne within 2-3 hours and hence, can wash them off easily. Prefer face wash or cleanser containing almost negligible amount of oil.

- Vitamin E helps in regeneration of skin, hence apply Vitamin E on infected tissue and massage with oil like olive oil gently that helps in normal growth of new tissue. Include more off vitamin E in your diet like increase the intake of nuts, eggs, oilseeds, etc and avoid eating junk food.

For herbal treatment use the below mentioned:

Aloe Vera: Its juice acts as natural bleach and when applied on scars, it reduces it slowly and gradually.

Cucumber: a paste of cucumber smoothens the scars when applied overnight for some time.

- Apply honey to the scars for few hours, your scars will vanish within few days. Rubbing ice cubes several times on scars helps a lot to get rid of them. Do not touch your face. For itching also use backside of your hand and not nails.

- Always use sunscreen before you go out and always try to avoid sun exposure. Further, the effective and quicker but costlier methods to get rid of scars are laser therapies, surgical treatment, Dermabrasion, and injections. Oral medicines can be taken but as prescribed by a physician.

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