Tips to Replace a Broken Windowpane

Tips to Replace a Broken Windowpane

Tips to Replace a Broken Windowpane - How to Replace a Broken Windowpane - Replace Broken Window Pane - Replacing a Broken Window Pane | Tips on - Find TipsIf you have a broken windowpane at your home then it will question the security of your home. In such a scenario you need to change the broken glass which not only increases the security but also adds beauty to your home. You can do this job on your own if you have patience. Here are some tips that may help you to change the broken glass.

1. While doing this job you must be very careful. Otherwise it may break your hands and fingers. So it is better to wear gloves and goggles while repairing the windowpane.

2. If the glass is broken completely then remove the pieces of glass from the window frame and then remove the old putty or glazing around the pane with the help of a chisel. You have to remove the metal anchors that are used to hold the pane in place till it was glazed.Sometimes the putty will be strong enough for you to remove then you can use blow dryer or heat gun for softening the putty.

3. Now take the correct measurements of the windowpane and purchase a new glass of that dimension. Many glass shops, lumberyards or hardware stores can help you to cut the glass to the correct dimension.

4. Now place the new glass carefully on to the window frame and use metal anchors for holding the glass in position. The number of anchors may vary depending on the size of your glass. A twelve inch square glass requires two anchors.

5. Add putty to the window frame to fix the glass on the frame. Smoothen the putty with the help of a putty knife and leave it for a day. Glazing knife that looks like the putty knife but with a bent end are also available in the market for smoothening the glazing or putty.

6. Paint the glazing or putty to protect it. You will get necessary directions for this along with the glazing packet.

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