Tips to Seduce Your Girl

Tips to Seduce Your Girl

Tips to Seduce Your Girl - Art of Seduction - Seduction - Tips on Seducing your Date | Tips on - Find TipsSeduction is an ancient art that has been deeply interwoven into all cultures. However, this skill must be practiced and perfected for one to be proficient. Most of your practice is going to be out in the field trying these tips out. Be aware that some women do not like to feel seduced on the first date and unless she is giving you the signs that she might be interested in that, don’t be overconfident that she will be open to the seduction. Every girl is different, but a good rule to follow is to try and build a friendship before you turn on the heat. Don’t worry; we are here to help you hone your sexiness, so that when you are ready to seduce your lady you won’t have to worry about a thing.

Tips on Seducing your Date

• Do not start to make your moves, expecting her to melt right into your arms – you are probably going to have to work. If she is giving the green light, make sure you go in slowly and make ever move/touch count. If you wait and go slow, you will build anticipation, and that is a very good thing.

• Be inventive, especially if your date is beautiful. She is probably used to men jumping all over her, so if you wait to kiss her or touch her she will be intrigued and much more open to you. Do not ignore her though, that will most likely make her angry.

• Some signs of the green light will be sexy smiles and laughs, looking dreamily at you, and touching you flirtatiously. This means that you can touch her too, whether that be playing with her hair or gently brushing her hands with yours.

• Keep the tone of your voice low, slow, and sensual. Think Barry White, guys. If you lower your voice and talk slower she will have to lean into your face to hear what you have to say. When she leans in, give a sexy smile and compliment her; this is surely to give her wobbly knees.

• You must be confident and not second-guess what you’re doing. No one wants to be seduced by someone who stumbles over his words. This shows weakness to her, and while vulnerability can be useful later on in the relationship, it’s not good to show it when you are trying to seduce her.

• It doesn’t matter if you are the most handsome guy in the entire world. If you are clean shaven, smell good, and wear clothes that accentuate your assets, you can seduce a girl. It may be a little more difficult for you than it is for your handsome buddy, but if you have smooth moves, you are definitely on the right track.

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