Tips to set up a Formal Dinner Table

Tips to set up a Formal Dinner Table

Tips to set up a Formal Dinner Table - Setting Dinner Table - How to Set a Dinner Table - How to Setup a Formal Dinner Table | Tips on - Find TipsHave you planned a formal dinner at your place ever? Having butterflies in your stomach? Confused? Do not know how to set up a formal dinner table? Well, here is the solution to your problem. I will give you tips as to how to set up a dinner table in formal manner. Making a formal dinner arrangement is not at all a tough job if you know the small detail that needs to be taken care off.

Here are the tips to set up a formal dinner table:

Always use a white table linen. This is because white is supposed to be the formal color. You table attire is very essential as it gives the ultimate effect. You can also place a small showpiece or a flower vase with some light and soothing colored flower in the middle of the table. Another option is to place the fruit basket with some fresh fruits in the middle of your table. Place mattresses on the table on which you will lay the dinner cutleries.

You should know the number of guests you are setting the table for. Place the chairs and plates against each chair in an equidistant manner.

Now you need to arrange the dinner napkin. Use white colored linen napkin. Fold them in triangular form and lay them on the dinner plates. Each napkin should be placed identically.

Now, you need to arrange the cutlery pieces on the table properly. Use a maximum of three types of knives. Always place them in the right side of the plate. In three different types, one should be for first course, the other for main course and the last for salad course. The blades of the knives should be faced outward towards the plate.

Place the forks on the right side of the dinner plate. You can again use a maximum of three types; first course, main course and salad course.

Lay the soupspoons on the right of the knives on the table. You can also place a spoon for the main course just next to the soupspoon. Place the dessertspoon on the head of the table.

Place the water glasses towards the left just above the knives and the wine glasses to the right just above the forks.

Thus, you dinner table is laid for your guests.

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