Tips to Solve Blue Screen of Death Problems

Tips to Solve Blue Screen of Death Problems

Tips to Solve Blue Screen of Death Problems - How to Solve Blue Screen of Death Problem - How to Fix Blue Screen of Death Problem | Tips on - Find TipsWhat happens while you are working on your computer and it suddenly freezes, and the notorious Blue Screen of Death comes before you? A large number of PC owners have faced this problem at least once in their lives. Blue Screen of Death or Windows Stop Error occurs when a newly installed software, driver or device prevents your computer system from working properly. Before you start cursing your unlucky stars, try to fix the problem yourself.

System Restore

To restore your computer to a stable state, first point your mouse to the ‘Start’ button and left click it. Next, click the ‘Programs’ to open the menu window. From the menu, select ‘Accessories’. From the ‘Accessories’ menu, select ‘Systems Tool’. From the menu window that opens on selecting ‘System Tool’, select ‘System Restore’. Now left click your mouse on ‘System Restore’. The ‘System Restore’ window now opens.

In this window select ‘Restore my computer to an earlier time’ and click Next. Now choose a date and time when your computer was working perfectly well. The date and time should be before you installed a new device or program, which has probably caused the Blue Screen of Death. Next confirm the selected date and time and click on Next. It will take a couple of minutes for the system restore process to complete. After system restore process is over, reboot your computer.

For Window XP

When Blue Screen of Death appears on your screen, note the error information noted there. Windows XP users can solve this problem by right clicking on ‘My Computer’. From the menu that now appears, select ‘Properties’. Now click on the ‘Advanced’ tab. Next from ‘Startup and Recovery’, click the ‘Setting’ tab. The ‘System Failure’ window opens up. Here uncheck ‘Automatically Restart’. Now reboot your computer.

If Blue Screen of Death continues to appear, a troubleshooting menu will appear. Here select ‘Attempt to start Windows normally’. This would be enough for your problem to be resolved. Even if the same error continues happening, continuously press the F8 button on your keyboard. This will open the Windows advanced option menu. Here select the safe mode, which would eventually solve your problem.

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