Tips To Spice Up Sex Life After Menopause

Tips To Spice Up Sex Life After Menopause

Tips To Spice Up Sex Life After Menopause - How To Improve Libido After Menopause » Spice Up Sex Life After MenopauseSex is an important part of life and a form of showing love for the life partner or spouse. Sex is for pleasure, love and also for quality of life and reaching a certain age doesn’t mean sex is over for the rest of the life.

Menopause is a natural process with every aging woman but this phase shouldn’t interfere with the normal functioning of life. Many women begin to feel depressed when they reach menopause as they feel they are about to enter a phase of their life when most of the exciting and beautiful things in life will be taken over by aging signs, illnesses and lack of sexual libido.

But this is a very wrong notion. How a person lives his or her life completely depends on the self and no normal phase of life can change the ways of functioning. It’s true that certain physical and mental changes take place with menopause but there are also effective ways to take control on the changes and live life in a healthy and satisfying way.

Understanding menopause and the common symptoms

Menopause may be called a reversal of puberty. Both the phases involve massive hormonal changes in the body thereby triggering both physical and mental changes. Moods may change and the body may also function in a strange way. But there is nothing to worry as once we can understand how and why such changes happen and how to handle them we can definitely live a very fulfilling life even after menopause.

The various changes that occur during menopause happen mainly due to certain hormonal changes occurring in the body system. Menopause is the time when the ovaries in the female body cease to produce eggs for which there is a marked decrease in the levels of progesterone and estrogen hormonal flow. Menopause symptoms begin to surface with heavy or light flow during periods and periods may be recurrent or may cease altogether.

Accompanied with the hormonal changes there may be physical changes like fatigue, weight gain, frequent heart palpitations, lack of sleep and sexual libido. Mental changes like anxiety, mood swings and memory loss are some of the symptoms during menopause.

Some may even go through hot flashes and night sweats while others may face depression as well. The capacity to handle stress lessens with the sudden hormonal imbalance and suddenly everything may seem dark and gloomy.

There may be discomfort in the vagina due to dryness, irritation or even due to the inability to hold back urine. All such sudden changes coming over the body and mind may make the woman depressed and unable to arrange herself. But this is not happening only to her alone but every woman who is going through menopause.

Therefore getting prepared for menopause before hand by following certain important lifestyle modifications can equip the individual to handle menopause signs in the most positive way. A fall in sex drive is a common problem during menopause but this can also be combated by learning the tricks.

Sex after menopause

Though hormonal changes have been accounted for a marked decrease in sexual libido after menopause yet we must also understand that only hormonal changes are not responsible.

A change in attitude and psychological thinking comes with a certain age and menopause is a sort of certifying that the individual is getting old and sex shouldn’t be a part of her lifestyle. This is wrong thinking and sex can be happily pursued and enjoyed till the last day of our life.

With menopause women may lose their fertility but not their ability to perform sex and enjoy from it. For men fertility never ceases but with age they may face certain erectile problems. Accompanied with the various physical and mental changes sex becomes a distant interest during and after menopause.

All these can be sorted and sex can be enjoyed just like in youth if the person really intends to. A woman who is happy and confident about herself must not be influenced by the social stigma and fortunately enough people are becoming more broadminded and accepting sex more logically than ethically.

Both progesterone and estrogen in females and testosterone in males have significant roles in determining the level of sexual libido. High sexual sensitivity and libido are regulated by these hormones and definitely a fall in these may create a marked difference in the sexual desire.

Lifestyle modifications to combat menopause signs and enjoy sex

As already mentioned making proper lifestyle modifications and getting prepared beforehand for facing menopause can make a great difference to the ways an individual can handle the menopausal stress effectively. Following healthy lifestyle, doing regular exercise, taking enough rest and sleep, consuming healthy diet and keeping away from bad habits can keep the body and mind fit.

This can eventually help in combating the menopausal changes much effectively. Stress handling becomes an important matter during menopause. Healthy lifestyle from youth itself can make the transition more smooth and positive. Maintaining good social circles and an active social life is important to keep feeling young and happy.

Regarding sex both the partners may be willing to keep continuing their old times but may not feel like doing so anymore. Both should understand the importance of sex in marriage and speak with each other openly. A healthy lifestyle will itself take care of most of the aging problems.

A healthy body and mind can prepare an individual to enjoy sex forever. Creating a romantic ambience can build the mood for sex. Talk about sex and make each other excited. Hormonal creams and lubricants can be used to make the vagina sensitive while hormonal replacement therapy can effectively build sexual libido manifold.

Remember there is no wrong in continuing having sex and pleasure; rather it is more sensible because once we get retired and kids are settled and away there is more time for the couple to spend together in the most romantic ways. Most of life’s responsibilities are over and life is more beautiful and fulfilling at this phase.

Don’t hesitate to feel, speak and dress up to seduce your partner as this will be very exciting and fun! Regular exercises along with kegel exercises can keep the body muscles fit by giving the body a lean and firm shape and can also improve sexual desire to a great extent.

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