Tips to Start a Bookkeeping Business

Tips to Start a Bookkeeping Business

Tips to Start a Bookkeeping Business - How to Start Bookkeeping Venture | Tips on - Find TipsBookkeeping is the method of maintaining up-to date business details. Companies prefer to outsource this job when there is much work load. So if you think you can manage this job by working from home, you need to market your skills so that customers can contact you. But remember you need to have a certificate in bookkeeping before you can start working.

Here is how you can do the marketing.

1. Word of Mouth- This is the best mode of marketing: if the target area is the community you reside in, tell them of your new business venture. Ask them if they know anybody who needs a help with bookkeeping. Everybody needs a bookkeeper so do not discriminate between whom you are talking for business- doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc.

2. Classifieds- Advertise in the local newspaper classified section. It depends on budget. If you can afford more, place a classified in a national newspaper. This way you will have more exposure and increased chances of establishing a clientele.

3. Local Accountants- If there are accountants in your area or someone whom you know, let them know of your bookkeeping. This works as a referral system and since accountants stay in touch with many firms, they can refer you.

4. Printing Media- Other than newspapers, contact several magazines and periodicals who deal with subject same as yours. Then prepare a ‘sales letter’. Submit this sales letter to the magazines so that they can distribute them with every copy. This also requires little investment as they will be charging for delivering the sales copy.

5. Chambers of Commerce- You can give small talks on bookkeeping in meetings organized by chambers of commerce in your area or if the need be, expand you focus and target other areas too.

Initially, you have to invest a lot of time in this before clients start calling. Better to keep a budget aside for marketing beforehand.

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