Tips to Stop Alcohol Intake

Tips to Stop Alcohol Intake

Tips to Stop Alcohol Intake - How to Quit Drinking Alcohol - Easy Ways to Stop Alcohol Intake | Tips on - Find TipsKnowledge of hazards caused by alcohol intake
If you have a good knowledge of the hazards caused by the intake of alcohol then automatically you will get oriented towards quitting alcohol. You should also know the socio economic problems caused by alcohol intake. The general results of them are spouse abuse, divorce, severe health problems etc.

Maintain a dairy
Maintain a diary where you write down what time in a day you drink alcohol.

Know about your trigger factor
It could be in the night after you get back home, or you are only a social drinker or you drink only at parties, or you are already an addict to drinking. Knowing this helps you a lot to stop the intake of alcohol.

Make up your mind that by some particular day of the year you would have quit drinking alcohol. Have realistic goals about quitting alcohol.

Announce about this
Tell to your friends and colleagues that you want to quit drinking, so that if by any chance you are drinking alcohol they will remind you that you are not suppose to drink alcohol.

You can take a doctor’s help
Enroll yourselves in a hospital or a health care center or it could be a community center which will help you quit drinking alcohol.

Do some exercises which relieve the urge of drinking.

You should stay a quitter
After you lose the habit of drinking alcohol you should stay a quitter through out, it does not make sense to anybody if you quit smoking today and start drinking alcohol tomorrow.

Psychological therapy is extremely good for people who want to quit alcohol.

Remove all the bottles

Remove all the bottles of alcohol from your house. If you have a room mate or partner tell them to drink when you are not around. Stop going to pubs and bars as far as possible, if these are your trigger points.

Start reading
Have healthy hobbies like reading novels etc.

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