Tips to Straighten your Hair

Tips to Straighten your Hair

Tips to Straighten your Hair - How to Straighten your Hair - Straightening Hair Tips - Straighten your Hair! | Tips on - Find TipsAre you tired of your natural curls? If you are longing to straighten your hair, you should proceed carefully, because a wrong hair straightening process could permanently damage your hair. Strong chemicals are used to straighten curls and therefore you should take special care to retain the color, texture and health of your hair.

Hair Straightening Methods

You can opt for temporary straightening, chemical straightening, and relaxing hair with chemicals or non-toxic relaxing method.

Hair Straightening Process

Temporary Hair Straightening

Before starting the straightening process, wash your hair and condition it to protect your hair to some extent from the heat and chemicals. You can opt for either a flat iron or a hair relaxer for the straightening process. Since heat is bad for the hair, you can use ceramic or titanium hair straighteners that cause less damage. The Tourmaline hair straighteners are the latest products that makes you hair look healthier, almost like natural straight hair.

When your hair is completely dry, begin the straightening process. Iron in small sections. Clip the rest of your hair, leaving only a small section. Comb this section to remove any tangle. Fix the iron a few inches above the scalp and the hair root, and slide the iron through the hair to its end. Repeat this process taking small sections of the hair.

After you have finished straightening the hair, use a nice hair product to make your hair look smooth and shiny. If you are using staightener regularly to straighten your hair, you will need a proper hair care routine. Frequent use of a good conditioner and oil massage might be required to maintain the shine of your hair and preventing dryness.

Permanent Hair Straightening

You cannot do permanent hair straightening easily at home. The best option is to go to an expert hairstylist. The Thermal Restructuring straightening process has become very popular nowadays. In this process, a straightening chemical is applied after washing and nourishing the hair. After some time the hair is rinsed and treated with proteins and moisturizer. Thermal iron is then passed over each small sections of the hair. A chemical is then applied to lock the straightness. The hair is then washed and nourished.

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