Tips to strengthen your Lower Back Muscle

Tips to strengthen your Lower Back Muscle

Tips to strengthen your Lower Back Muscle - Exercises for Lower Back - How to have a strong Lower Back Muscle | Tips on - Find TipsStrong lower back is the backbone of a good physique. If you have a strong lower back muscle then it will prevent your injuries during lifting heavy weights.

Few exercises to strengthen you lower back muscle:

Dead lifts:

It is one of the best exercises to build your lower back muscle.
Hold the barbell by using underhand grip with one hand and overhand grip with the other hand. Keep your back as straight as possible and legs slightly bent. Now raise the bar from the ground using your hamstrings and rise to the point where your body is erect. At the top hold the bar for a moment and remember to lock out. Lower the bar at a steady pace. Avoid jerky movements and keep your back straight.

Good mornings:

Stand straight and hold a barbell on your shoulders. Now bend forward from the waist and keep your back straight until your body is parallel to the floor. Return to the starting position. Exhale while you apply a force and keep your legs locked throughout the exercises.

Hyper extensions:

On hyper extensions bench, lie face down and hook your legs under support. Put your hand on your chest and bend down 90 degree through your waist. Return to the starting position. Keep your movements always under control and avoid hyper extension beyond the body level.

Bent over barbell rows:

Hold a bar with overhand grip and stand with a narrow stance. Bend down your knees slightly and use your back to raise the bar until it touches the abdominal region. Lower the bar under control and return to the starting position. To reduce biceps involvement use wrist straps.

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