Tips to take care of Kitchen Garden

Tips to take care of Kitchen Garden

Tips to take care of Kitchen Garden - How to take care of your garden | Tips on - Find TipsA small space at the backyard offers a lucrative option of growing vegetables. What you lack is the knowledge and time to carry out this tedious job.

This is purely a myth that kitchen garden needs a lot of your time. What is essential is regular monitoring and not very hard work at one time and neglecting them at all other times.


As there is very little space so try to grow those vegetables that are expensive to buy from market. It wouldn’t be advisable to grow potatoes and broccoli in a small space. Try to plant red & green pepper and tomatoes. In fact, choose the blend of herbs, fruits and vegetables.

Also take into account the weather and soil. The climate should be conducive enough to grow crops.

Prepare the right kind of soil. Half manure and half soil are best mixture to grow plants. However, some pebbles should be there to let the moisture and nutrients get absorbed easily.

8-Hours sunlight

Sow the seeds or plant the seedlings in north- south direction. This gives maximum light leverage to the plant

Source of Water

There has to be an adequate source of supply because plants need water everyday almost, without fail. And if you calculate the time then it might well be only 5-10 minutes, daily.
Maintain the level of water, don’t flood the plants.


If you are growing herbs and tomatoes then they need little more care than usual. The weeds have to be removed periodically to enhance the growth of plant and avoid the soil from getting depleted of nutrients.

Weeds can be buried in a small pit to make manure for the future use. Make sure to remove all the seeds from the weeds to avoid future growth.

Just put your hearts into the crop, i.e., nurture with love and care and see your kitchen garden bloom in no time.

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