Tips to take Dental Care – Plaque

Tips to take Dental Care – Plaque

Tips to take Dental Care – Plaque - Dental Care Tips - Tooth Worm | Tips on - Find TipsCommon Problems

There are some common problems relating to teeth. For instance:-

1. Hot and Cold effect: This generally happen due to broken teeth, chattering of teeth, after effect teeth grinding and most importantly when the teeth are affected by teeth worm.

2. Tooth worm: It is caused due to hole in teeth and also owed to acid which created in the mouth. In our mouth mostly there are some bacteria, after eating food if we don’t brush our teeth or rinsing the mouth. If you don’t do this some of the element of food remains in your mouth and in almost 20 minutes bacteria turn this left food into acid. This acid and the saliva of mouth collectively make a component called plaque.

And some of the component glue to teeth, and if we do not clean it the plaque becomes solid and it will begin damaging our teeth and gums and these plagues make a hole in the teeth which result into cavity which means now there is a worm in your teeth.

3. Foul smell from mouth: This is due to unclean teeth and gums and also when there will be no proper sanitation of teeth and gums and hence it will cause decay which result in foul smell from the mouth. It can also be caused due to stomach problem or because of thickness of saliva.


At least brush your teeth twice a day and after eating your meal rinse your mouth properly. Use soft brush for your teeth, moving the bristles with proper procedure, left, and right up and down. Sometimes, small food particles get stuck in between the teeth; you can remove them with a thin plastic fluorine thread. By scaling and polishing you can remove dirt and also whiten up your teeth. After every 6 month visit your dentist for a check up. Don’t take stress because it can damage your teeth. So keep smiling.

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