Tips To Tan Your Skin

Tips To Tan Your Skin

Tips To Tan Your Skin - Tanning Tips For Your Skin - Tanning Tips - Tips On Tanning | Tips on - Find TipsDespite the sensuous beauty of tanned skin, often we are scared to expose ourselves to the sun for a long time. However, there are ways and means of getting a great tan without damaging your skin.

Natural tan

You do not have to lie on a beach for a whole week to be tanned. Power tan, which involves exposing your skin to sunlight for a long period of time, is extremely harmful. It results in sunburns and often the damages are irreversible. You can be tanned naturally, by exposing yourself to the sun for short periods, on a regular basis. This helps your body to adjust to the heat gradually without any side effect.

For a natural tan, avoid the midday sun between 11AM and 3PM. The time may vary according to the season and the location. Even while you are trying to get a tan, apply sun protective cream. To protect your skin from severe damage, the protective factor of the cream should be around 15. The early mornings and the late afternoons are best suited for tanning your skin.

Fake tan

If you don’t have the patience of having a natural tan, apply fake tan. A fake tan is a product, which tans your skin without basking in the sun. It contains dihydroxyacetone, a chemical, which stains the outer layer of the skin. This tan lasts for several weeks. The tan is lost as soon as the dead cells shed naturally.

Choosing the right tanning cream for your skin is not an easy task. You should choose a tanning cream, which suits your complexion. Lighter tanning creams are suitable for fair or white skin. If your complexion is slightly dark, but not olive, a medium tanning cream will work for you. Dark products are suitable for dark skins. By choosing the right tanning cream, the fake tan will appear natural.

Unlike natural tan, fake tans do not appear even. The ankles, elbows and knees often appear darker than the rest of the body. While applying tanning cream, apply a thin coat on these areas. To ensure that the fake tan is evenly applied, use a sponge to apply the tanning cream or lotion.

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