Tips to Treat Dry Skin

Tips to Treat Dry Skin

Tips to Treat Dry Skin - How to get Good and Healthy Skin - How to Treat Dry Skin | Tips on - Find TipsDry skin is a serious problem. The most important fact about dryness in skin is that it makes you look much older than your real age. Climate is one of the major reasons of dryness in skin in most of the areas. Today I will discuss some tips to help you combat dryness in your skin.

Water: Dryness in skin is mainly due to loss of hydration. Thus in order to keep your skin hydrated you need to drink ample amount of water daily. At least a minimum of 3 liters of water should be taken in regularly.

Weather conditions: Protect yourself from too much heat, sun, dust, wind and cold. Any type of extremity in weather can be the reason to cause dryness in skin. Thus take the required protection before you face such extreme weather conditions. Use good and effective moisturizers that will keep your skin healthy and hydrated at the same time. Moisturizing skin helps to retain hydration.

Hot Water: Never use too much of hot water for bathing or washing your face. This will soak the moisture and will leave your skin dry. Hot water also can scrap your skin. Luke warm water is the best option for dry skin in all season. After a bath pat your skin dry slowly.

Soap: You should be very careful about choosing your soap. Avoid using soap on your facial skin instead try out a good quality cleanser. You should always use soaps rich in fat instead of the ones with high level of lye content. Lye makes skin coarse and dry and leaves it dehydrated. Thus, choose your soap carefully.

Diet: You should be very cautious about your diet too. Eat a lot of fruits, green vegetables and whole grains. Drink lots of fruit juices. Eat foods rich in vitamin A and B as they are very effective contributors to skin health. Avoid drinking too much of beverages and other caffeine rich drinks as they leave skin dry. Reduce consumption of alcohol and cut down on smoking to get good and healthy skin.

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