Tips to use Fruits for Beauty Treatments

Tips to use Fruits for Beauty Treatments

Tips to use Fruits for Beauty Treatments - Fruits for Beauty Treatments - Natural Products for Beauty Treatment - Ingredients in Beauty Treatment Products | Tips on - Find TipsDid you ever notice the ingredients being used to make your costly night cream or facial scrub? Well, if you red the cover of your skin treatment product you will see that most of the prime ingredients are natural products like fruit extract, honey, herbs, etc. Thus, not only as diets but also fruits are great as beauty products. Therefore, instead of spending a fortune on synthetic skin treatment products, it is better to use some home based remedies with some natural and easily available and inexpensive items. However, it is essential to know the right function of the right type fruit and use it for the right purpose to get the best results.

Apples: It can be used as a very good skin cleanser and softener. Use apple juice in your face pack to get a clean, clear and glowing skin. It is a very good antioxidant. Apple juice is also a good hair conditioner.

Grapes: Grape juice can be very well used to relive sun burn. It can also be used a very good hair conditioner.

Banana: You can use banana as a very nourishing homemade face pack. It is rich in protein and natural fat and very good for your facial skin. It can also be used as a hair conditioner along with two spoons of honey. This leaves a shining effect on your hair.

Peaches: They are the best medicines or dry skin. Prepare a facial pack consisting of peaches, yogurt and honey. Blend it well and apply on your face. Keep it for ten minutes and rinse it off to get a glowing skin.

Strawberries: It is very good for teenage skin. It gives a good scented effect to the cosmetics. Strawberries are also very good breath freshener.

Papaya: It is good for acne treatment. Papaya can be used to smoothen rough skin surface by getting rid off debris and dead cells from your skin surface. It is also a very good anti aging and anti dandruff item.

Lemon: This is the most effective beauty product. It has a very strong cleansing and toning effect. It is also good for dandruff treatment and hair highlighting. It is a very good remedy to get release of spots and rough surfaces on your body.

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