Tips to Use Non-toxic Cleaners

Tips to Use Non-toxic Cleaners

Tips to Use Non-toxic Cleaners - Cheaper Non-toxic Cleaners - How to Use Non-toxic Cleaners - Non-toxic Cleaners | Tips on - Find TipsIn order to clean our homes we often use antibacterial cleaners and a wide range of disinfectants. Our choice is largely influenced by the media ads, which lure us to buy expensive products. However, we hardly realize that we can give our homes the same level of cleaning with cheaper, less publicized and easily available products that besides keeping our homes clean are also non-toxic and environment friendly.

You can replace toxic cleaners with some easily available non-toxic products

Alternatives of Chlorine-based cleaner

For decades, we have been using chlorine-based cleaners to keep away germs and remove stains. The bleaching action of chlorine makes it a popular ingredient of many laundry and dishwashing detergents. It is also used for killing mold and mildew. However, chlorine bleach needs to be used with care. Chlorine bleach is extremely bad for your skin.

Hydrogen-peroxide based bleach can be used instead of chlorine-bleach. Hydrogen peroxide is capable of cleaning your sinks and floors, removing stains and killing molds. You can even use vinegar in place of chlorine bleach.

Alternatives of ammonia-based cleaners

The powerful cleaning and grease removal property of ammonia make it a common ingredient in several house-cleaning products. If you accidentally inhale ammonia or if it spills over your skin, several complications would develop. You can replace ammonia-based cleaners with non-toxic environment friendly products. Choose safe cleaning agents that are petroleum free, phosphate free, biodegradable, solvent free and VOC free. Check whether these terms are written on the package of the cleaner, to ensure that you are buying a non-toxic product.

Home made non-toxic cleaners

You can make non-toxic and safe cleaning solutions easily at home. To make a disinfectant cleaner you need about 3 tablespoons of liquid castile soap, 2 cups of water and one teaspoon of tea tree oil. Mix these ingredients well and your disinfectant is ready.

Instead of using the usual chlorine or ammonia based toilet cleaners, pour a cup of borax in your toilet bowl in the night. In the morning scrub your toilet bowl with a brush and flush the toilet. You will find that the toxic cleaners couldn’t have done a better job.

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