Tips to Wash Car

Tips to Wash Car

Tips to Wash Car - How to Wash Car - Car Wash Tips - Car washing tips | Tips on - Find TipsA dirty car won’t look good even if it is a costly one. Hence washing the car is a must. It may be more satisfying if do the washing on your own. Your kids may also be happy to assist you for washing the car. Here are some tips that can follow for washing your car.

1. Select a shady area for washing your car so that you can avoid untimely drying which are responsible for making blotches on the car paint. Collect every thing that you need for washing the car so that you need not leave the place for getting things once you start the washing.

2. Take a bucket full of water and to this add the car wash liquid soap as per the direction on the soap bottle and lather it. Take another bucket with clear water.

3. Close all the windows and doors of the car and water the car with a hose to remove the excess dirt. Start from the roof of the car and move down towards the tyre.

4. Use a sponge or clothe towel and dip it in the soap lather and then sponge the car roof. Wash the entire car in sections and rinse the towel in between in clear water to remove the dirt. This will help you to avoid scratches. Once you finished the roof you can rinse it with hose to avoid the drying of soap over the roof.

5. Take several rounds around the car and wash the windows and doors in one round and take another round to wash the fenders and the tires. For windows you can use window cleaners also. The tyre and fenders will be the dirtiest part and you can use different sponges for washing these areas. This will prevent the scratches on other areas from the dirt on the sponge.

6. Once you finished the entire area then water the entire car with the hose and get rid of the soap traces from your car. Never allow the soap to get dry on the car because it will cause stains on the paint.

7. Dry your car with dry cloth towels ahead of drying it with air. Start the drying from the roof itself. Use a dry towel to wipe the entire area at the end.

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