Tips to Write a Press Release

Tips to Write a Press Release

Tips to Write a Press Release - Body of Press Release - Press Release Format | Tips on - Find TipsBusinesses frequently rely on press release to advertise their upcoming or newly launched products and services. A press release should be designed to attract the attention of the media. When the press release of your company is featured as a story or article in the newspapers, TV, radio or websites, you can reach millions of people instantly.

How to write a Press Release

While writing a press release, keep floury languages out of the communication. State your announcement clearly. We often wrongly assume that a press release should read like a newspaper article. However, this is not true. Use simple headlines to present it, leaving the rest of the task to the newspaper editors. There are no specific format rules for a press release. Whichever format you choose, it should be decent and easily read. It is a common practice to double space lines on the press release.

The first paragraph of the body of the press release should have a concise summary. From the second paragraph you will start revealing details, provide several elements that will interest your readers. If your subject is not unique, try adding a new angle and human elements to the content. Remember that people are easily attracted to a human story.

Often we are unsure about the length of our press release. Although there is no strict rule about the length of the press release, but nonetheless, you should only give information that is necessary. If you don’t have much to communicate, half a page press release will suffice. However, if you have lots to convey, a single page will not be sufficient for you. Without any repetition, try to write an interesting and concise press release.

Sending Press Release
After you have finished writing your press release, you should send it to the media offices. After pinpointing your target customers, you might opt for the form of media that is best suited to your need. Instead of sending physical copies of your press release via post, consider sending the press release by email. An email will ensure that your press release will be read instantly by the concerned individuals.

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