To All The Boys: Always And Forever Details You Missed

To All The Boys: Always And Forever Details You Missed

A lot has changed since To All the Boys I've Loved Before first brought Lara Jean and Peter together, but fans will notice some familiar items sprinkled throughout To All The Boys: Always and Forever. For one thing, Lara Jean has resumed wearing her necklace from Peter again, which means he must have returned it to her some time after the two got back together at the end of To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You. And speaking of necklaces, Kitty is also still rocking that "feminist" necklace that took the internet by storm (even though it technically belongs to actress Anna Cathcart now).

Meanwhile, the "LJ & PK" heart logo that Lara Jean put on their promise lantern in the second film makes a triumphant return in several scenes of the third film, including a moment when Peter paints it on their home wall in Lara Jean's dream of their perfect future together and on the lock Lara Jean got for him at Seoul Tower.

Perhaps most adorably, Lara Jean is still using the same lock screen image of her and Peter cuddling that we saw in the previous films. There's more to the story of that photo than meets the eye, too. Director Susan Johnson revealed that the pic was actually a candid shot taken by a crew member while Lana Condor and Noah Centineo lounged in the green room between takes, and Johnson loved it so much that she incorporated it into the movie. Lara Jean and Peter might have had trouble finding a song, but they have plenty of their own traditions to speak of.


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