Top 3 Effective Methods Of Adopting A Baby

Top 3 Effective Methods Of Adopting A Baby

Top 3 Effective Methods Of Adopting A Baby - How To Adopt A BabyA child complements the total picture of a happy family. After few years of marriage, the couple feels the need of a baby among them, who will bind them up in a more loving and caring relationship.

But this happy family picture is not in the fate of every couple. Not every family is blessed with a kid. There are several reasons that become obstacle in the path of natural motherhood in the female counterpart in certain relationships. These can be infertility, age, certain chronic and serious diseases, repeated miscarriages and several other factors.

But, does that mean that the couples, who have such physical disabilities, will never be able to experience the happy feeling of parenthood. They will never be able to get the opportunity to listen to the chuckle of their kids, the joy of changing baby nappies, the fun of playing with their kids. It is absolutely a wrong idea. So, those of the childless couples, who have been sad ever since, can smile again by means of adoption of a baby. Adoption is thus, a common process of gaining parenthood.

These are several methods of adoption of babies that are being practiced in different countries since time immemorial. This article will focus on some of the common methods of adoption, which might be helpful for childless couples who wish to adopt a baby. But, before adoption, remember to have your contracts made in a clear and legalized way, so that, after years the natural parents cannot turn up to demand the baby back. Moreover, before deciding for adoption, have a thorough medical check up done of the woman, the couple in certain cases and child too, if is has already born, so that you do not repent at your decision.

Adoption Method No.1

The most common form of adoption method, that has been in practice in countries across the world, since long time, is the ‘Domestic system of adoption’. In this process, the couples who are willing to adopt a baby, often parent kids of their own relatives, who are willing to give off their babies due to several reasons. There might be reasons such as the cases of unwed mothers who cannot take up the responsibilities of their babies due to social stigmas.

There can be couples who cannot take care of their baby due to financial crisis or other unavoidable factors. There can be other such cases too, where single mothers, who might be widow, are not financially sound to look after their babies after the death of their husbands. Such circumstances can be favorable for willing couples who seek for adoption.

Adoption Method No.2

There is another method of adoption which is almost similar to the above procedure. But, there is a slight difference in the procedure. While in the earlier method, the focus is on the known people and relatives, who are willing to give their children for adoption, in this method, the couple might not know whose baby they are supposed to adopt.

Top 3 Effective Methods Of Adopting A Baby - How To Adopt A Baby

The woman or the couple who are bearing the baby and wish to give off the yet to be born kid or the already born kid for adoption, can give subsequent advertisements in the newspapers or other forms of media, stating what they want to convey. Willing couples may contact them and the rest proceedings follow as per the convenience of the both parties.

These systems of adoption are strictly based on monetary gains of the fertile couple or the woman. There are other criteria too, involved in the process, which might vary according to the child bearing couple or the lady and the childless couple. There might be a broker involved in the process too.

But, there is one thing you must realize while going for such an adoption method. There might be risks involved in the process and you might even be cheated in the transaction, if you are not much careful. But, on the other hand, this method is comparatively economical than other forms. Thus, be alert while choosing this method of adoption.

Adoption Method No. 3

This method of adoption is one of the most common processes that are done in the recent times. It is a method that is, in many cases, adopted by couples where the female counterpart is incapable to bear child due to certain unavoidable factors. This method is commonly termed as ‘surrogate mother concept’.

In this process the sperm of the male counterpart of the childless couple is collected and injected into the uterus of the woman who is willing to bear the child. The process of artificial insemination is used by the doctors in order to impregnate the fertile woman, who will become the surrogate mother. But, this is not the only process by which the woman gets pregnant.

There are can natural process of pregnancy too. Whatever may be the factor behind pregnancy, consequently, after the required time of fetus formation and development of a fully grown child inside the womb of the woman, it is delivered by the doctors in due time. Now, the childless couple takes the handover over of the newly born child from the surrogate mother.

The whole process involves money transaction, where money is given to the surrogate mother along with other expenses incurred in the process, such a medical check ups, child delivery charges, hospital charges, the food and basic requirements of the surrogate woman throughout the process that are connected to the baby to be born, etc. Additional money is charged by the woman as a pat of the full package. This method is sometimes done through legal processes or through private method too, as per negotiations and method adopted by both the parties.

This is one of the most common and safe methods of adoption that is going on popularly in the recent times. But, the process is a bit costly. One thing you must remember while going for this method is that, in case of artificial insemination, it is vital to have a though check up done of the woman who is supposed to bear the child. In case if she suffers from HIV or other severe aliments, you will be the most unfortunate couple at the end. In case where the artificial insemination is not done and the woman gets pregnant through natural method, have a check up done of the fertile couple, instead of only the woman, before making your decision.

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