Top 5 Tips To Stop Your Kid From Seeing Unwanted Sites In The Internet

Top 5 Tips To Stop Your Kid From Seeing Unwanted Sites In The Internet

Top 5 Tips To Stop Your Kid From Seeing Unwanted Sites In The InternetWith the advancement of technology and the awareness of technological knowledge, the popularity of internet has reached its peak in the recent times. This popularity is in the process of growth, almost every day, brought about by modern technology and technological inventions.

Therefore, it is not something uncommon to see that a computer is present in almost every home today.Computer has become an integral part of our modern day living.

What comes hand in hand with the increasing demand of computer is internet. It is almost impossible today to think of taking one step ahead without the internet. Our search for all the valuable information, images, books and materials required for specific purposes, even cooking recipes, tips on gardening, cure of certain diseases etc. everything ends with internet. It is a key to an easier world.

In the earlier times, when there was no internet, gathering information on a minor thing as that of symptoms of common cold was also an enormous task. But now, all these have got simplified to a greater extent due to the internet. Not only adults, teenagers and younger children are also inclined towards the internet. They download and upload their favorite music, games, study materials, documents etc. and also get various other necessary materials from the internet.

But, when this is the good side of internet, the bad part of it is that, it provides the children with an easy access to restricted sites more effortlessly than they could even have imagined before. When the computer is at home and the internet is there, so where are the restrictions on watching condemned sites such those of extreme action oriented ones, pornography, etc.

Frankly speaking, children are more attracted towards the pornographic sites in the internet. This makes their parents anxious about their children. They do not want their kids to have exposure to these unwanted sites, but at the same time, are not aware of the methods by which they can restrict their children from viewing such sites.

Tip 1: Your Role is Important

Children towards their puberty are more inclined towards watching the sites that are tagged as ‘unwanted’. They contain several sexually explicit materials, games and others materials that they find tempting. Your role is vital in guiding your kid in the right way. Do not be extremely dominating and authoritative.

The more you scold and restrict your kid from viewing a site the more interested he or she will be in getting access to those. They will feel that there is definitely something lucrative in such sites which adults can only view. So, they will get unnecessarily interested towards the unwanted sites.

But not being authoritative does not at all mean that you will be such a friend to your kid that you will be his or her great company in seeing such sites. The best role to play in such a circumstance is that to be indifferent about such an interest of your kids. Never even entertain your kid to talk on such matters.In the meantime, when you are spending your leisure time with your children, provide them with substantial information and sex education, in the most descent way, so that his or her unnecessary interest in these aspects calm down to a great deal.

Tip 2: Lock Your Account

Children also have a habit of mastering every electrical and electronic gadget that comes their way. They are similarly inquisitive about the internet and its various aspects too. What is the most predominant thing that they like to do is to know the password of their parents and have an access to them. In the meanwhile, such childish acts can lead to tampering of your important mails and documents that your mail account may contain.

Top 5 Tips To Stop Your Kid From Seeing Unwanted Sites In The Internet

Make them knowledgeable of the fact that a mail account is a private property of the person who holds that account.Under no circumstances can it be shared with anybody.In case the child might open up an account one day, he or she must also maintain privacy regarding his or her own site too. In the process, create a separate account for them and segregate yours from theirs. Never disclose your account information to them.

Tip 3: Be the Secondary User of Kid’s Mail Account

At the time when you create a mail account for your kids, keep your mail id as the secondary option, so that you can keep a track on what they are doing over the net. Don’t think that by this way you will be violating their privacy. But, it is just the preliminary phase when your kid might not know the right and proper use of internet. You can immediately know when the internet is being mishandled and also, if it is going to damage them in any way. Later on, when he or she is matured enough to take care of his or her self, make separate mail ids for them.

Tip 4: Be the Administrator of Your Computer

Another way to know what your child is doing over the net is to be the ‘administrator’ of the desktop or the laptop you and your kid might share. What you have to do is to maintain two log in modes; one of that of the administrator and the other of the general user. Whenever you log in, you must get in through the administrator.

Make the ‘administrator’ user password protected so that your kid cannot access the net through it. Opening the internet from the ‘administrator’ will make you able to see what are the sites your kid might have visited and what does he or she do while accessing the internet. Remember to log off from the ‘administrator’ when you are through with your work. If you want to get more information on this feature, you can get proper guidance from your hardware engineer.

Tip 5: Block the Sites That You Think ‘Unwanted’

Last of all, what you can do to permanently obstruct your kid from visiting those ‘unwanted’ sites, is to block the ones that you find really awful. These sites might not be of much importance to you, too. So, better way is to block them till when you want or need to access again. You can do this all by yourself by going to the ‘internet options’ in your computer and modulating the security level and blocking the unwanted sites, as much as you want. You can also talk to your internet service provider in this aspect.

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