Top Interview Questions and Answers

Top Interview Questions and Answers

Top Interview Questions and Answers - Job Interview Questions and Answers - Tricky Interview Questions | Tips on - Find TipsWhy did you choose only this career?

Say your interest lied only in this career. Your strengths were exactly those which forced you to pick up only this career. Say you were always good at convincing so you joined sales, etc…

Have you done an internship or summer jobs?

If you have done some mention this. This will really boost up your chances of getting the job. Let these internships and summer jobs be projected only as money making means but as learning jobs.

What did you learn from your internship or summer job?

Say that you had a lot to learn for these. You learnt how to work in a team, how to be more confident about yourself, now you know how to project yourself as a better professional, and all the more you learnt a lot about your subject and got hands-on experience on that.

How would you describe your ideal person and why?

Describe that person with all the good qualities you have, so that the interviewer should think you are on your way to that reach that ideal person.

Who is your ideal person?

Your ideal person should never be counted on his money; he should be counted on the achievements, he made in his life. Explain about all the good things about that person and mention that you also want to reach those goals one day.

Define success and do you think you are successful?

Make sure to tell only those things which you have already achieved are on track and about to achieve. This can be the only way to answer this question.

Can you describe situations when your job was criticized?

Again a very tricky question, to know, how you deal with things. Make sure to give one or two situations where you were criticized but not to forget is to tell them how you proved to the management that your decisions and actions were apt and perfect.

Speak about your scores in college?

If you are a rank holder or a distinction holder, tell it out with pride that you were the one to get these things. If you have got the best student award, principal’s award etc make sure to mention all these things. This increases your chances of getting the job.

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