Top Interview Questions Answered

Top Interview Questions Answered

Top Interview Questions Answered - Interview Questions Answered - Answers to Top Interview Questions | Tips on - Find TipsExplain tricky situations where you had to think out of the box?

This question is asked to check your creativity level. How well you can initiate and how innovative you can be. Interviewers want to know whether you can think out of the box and get it into action properly.

If you are told to work under a boss, who is 20 years younger to you, would you do it?

Yes, I always admire success and competency. So I would work under him.

If you are given a chance to become an animal or a car what would you choose?

For this your answer has to be very thoughtful. You can say that you would like to be a car because it is more reliable, versatile and safe.
By mistake if you have already told an animal, then say I like the faithfulness in these animals.

If you were fired from your last job, the common question would be, why were you fired from your job?

Handle your words delicately. Say that I had my own ideas about a thing for the upcoming of the company which the company could not understand. So I was not given an opportunity to prove that I was right. I would really prove myself in this company and show, what a worker they had lost and how good my ideas were.

What do you think about yourself?

Now is the time to tell about all your positives. Remember, all the good complements you got from the previous companies, bosses, colleagues, friends etc and put it in right words and tell it out. You are done with this question.

What is your opinion about your ex-boss?

Don’t bad mouth about your boss at any cost. Say a couple of things which you liked about that guy and highlight it.

What do you feel about this interview?

Say that this interview has been a very interactive and educative interview and by questioning him so much, I have come to know a lot of things, which probably Iwould never know, if he had not attended this interview. So this talk has been extremely productive and nice.

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