Top Reasons To Redesign Your Website

Top Reasons To Redesign Your Website

There are several reasons to redesign your website. Websites are created for presenting services and products in the web and promoting them. There are websites created solely for promotion. There are ecommerce websites that are created for selling products and services. As such, it is necessary to determine the purpose of a site and its target traffic. Let us focus on some crucial factors that may be necessary for redesigning a website.

Top Reasons To Redesign Your Website - How To Redesign A Website

Determine the reasons behind importance and appeal of your website. There are some particular reasons that drive traffic to your website. Visitors may be looking for information about the company regarding description of business, locations and contact information. There may be people visiting your site for detail product description. They may try to find out why the product or service is unique or different from your competitors. Some visitors may be interested in learning about latest offers, news and scheduled changes and posts on relevant topics. Your websites may feature case studies and articles on different subjects that are interesting for visitors.

While these are reasons behind popularity and attraction of a website it may be necessary to review current status of your website. Start by finding out the number of visitors that your website attracts. Using Firebug web development tool along with the integrated plugin “YSlow” is an easy way for testing performance of your site.

Make sure that the user interface of the website is simple and each page can be reached easily. A visitor gets impatient when a website takes more than 2 seconds to get uploaded. Verify the time taken by your website to get loaded. Sites that have image galleries and supported by Flash may need longer time to load. gives you realistic and perfect estimation about the loading speed of your site.

Top Reasons To Redesign Your Website - How To Redesign A Website

Check for the error 404 messages for deleted pages and broken links. Verify compatibility of the website with current versions of all popular browsers. Editing and updating images or HTML text in the website should be a simple process that may be done by non technical persons. Assessing these factors help you in arriving at a decision whether it is essential to rebuild the website.

Analyze the traffic of your website. There are many tools that can be used for analyzing web traffic but Google Analytics remains the most favorite. You can use different dimensions to find out the required information regarding traffic. It also helps in identifying weak points of your website. For using Google Analytic you need to create an account and use the code in your site. Data from Google Analytics identifies issues related to the site but the solution to issues is not provided.

It is important to have a brand style and design that helps in identifying your website. In case there is no brand design then it is essential to establish it while redesigning your website. The brand and logo of your company displayed at the header of the site gives a professional look. It helps the visitors in identifying your business or purpose and relates it with information or content of the site.

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