Travel in Dawson, Canada

Travel in Dawson, Canada

Dawson city: Dawson city is Canada’s one of the most beautiful historic places. But this description can not aptly catch the essence and the real mood of the city. The colourful culture of the city will simply enchant you with its funky and quirky side while you are visiting it for the first time. In the 1830s this very city was the centre of the Klondike Gold Rush and at that very time different kinds of people flocked there to get a bit rich. Though the golden rush ended with time but the gold mining continued to be its one of the main industries. Its capital is Whitehorse.Travel in Dawson, Canada

Attractions: The city is on the narrow portion of land at the confluence of Yukon River and Klondike river. The beauty of the surrounding scenery is really breath taking. Since the city is quite near the Artic circle people used to come over here during the summer season. There are hoards of instances of the time of Gold Rush. The first specimen of the gold was found in the Bonanza Creek and it still provides small amount of gold.

You should obviously visit the Dredge No. 4 which is actually a huge machine which has scrapped up the Klondike Valley to find out the gold. There are arranged tours to visit the Dredge No. 4. Dawson city Museum displays numerous artifacts of the time of Gold- Rush. Famous architect Thomas W Fuller has designed the building. Do not miss the collection of old Locomotives which situates just nearby.

The famous writer Jack London lived in the Yukon city in the 1898. This very area was the backdrop of his famous novels like ‘Call of the Wild’ and ‘White Fang’. You can visit the famous jack London Interpretative Centre here. There are daily lectures on different topics related to this very novelist. Another noted poet Robert W Service lived in this very city. He was called the ‘Bard of Yukon’. You can also visit the very cabin where lived during his days. A trip to this heritage city in the midst of natural beauty is something really different.

How to go: Dawson City Airport is 19km away from the Klondike Highway. One should be careful that there are no rental cabs here and bus services are not that good. There is a direct bus service from Alaska to Whitehorse.

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