Travel thermos

Travel thermos

Travel thermos - Insulated thermos - Hot beverages - Warm container » How to keep your drink in a thermos hotter for longerCertainly with the coming of winters, we all want to drink hot liquids as much as possible to keep oneself warm from the outside cold weather. But due to busy tiring life, that we live up to, it is a bit difficult and tiring for us to prepare the hot liquids every time you feel like drinking. Even if you plan out to go on vacation, it won’t be unusual to grab a thermos and fill it with your favorite hot cocoa or coffee and take it out with you, wherever you feel like in this wintry season. Here is the easiest and smartest way by which you can keep your drinks in a thermos hotter for longer period-just read it out!

To keep your drink, hotter for longer, you must first heat up the liquids as hot as possible, and maintain the temperature until you transfer it to your insulated container.

Then, take your thermos and run it under the hot water.

Make sure you add good amount of hot water to the thermos and seal it in a proper manner. Mind it that wrong sealing can leak out the water from your thermos. And let the thermos sit for at least 20 minutes. This will give the insulation time to heat up. Remember that having a pre-warmed container prevents the insulation from absorbing all of the heat from your drink when you add it to the container.

Now, empty the thermos and quickly add the hot beverages and close it. Believe me, if you use the thermos for storing your beverages in the above written way, it will surely hold the heat for much longer time than before, plus you can enjoy your warm drink anywhere you feel like.

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