Travel Tips During Pregnancy

Travel Tips During Pregnancy

Travel Tips During Pregnancy - Travel Precautions During Pregnancy - Travel Tips For Pregnant Women » Pregnancy and Travel: Precautionary measuresPregnancy is not state of being handicapped however it is always advised by elders you must try to avoid travel during pregnancy in the first and third trimester.

Otherwise you can certainly travel. You may undertake travel right unto your delivery. Let pregnancy not stop you from changing your regular activity and weekly plans, although just take some precautions. In fact a relaxed, holiday at your favorite location is recommended. The leisurely travel to and fro will do you a world of good.

But we are not talking about holiday here, are we? It is travel that is necessary. Travel you can not avoid. Like commuting to the workplace everyday. Visit to the hospital.

As far as possible, make the journey by private transportation, be it car, RV or SUV. Or whatever. It often does not work out that way and you might have to resort to public transport. While we do not say no, our advice to you is to sit at the front of the bus. You may even apprise the bus crew of your pregnancy, especially when it is not obvious in the first two or three months. Do not be the playful girl you were some months ago. Get on and get down carefully.

We even recommend that you have a small bottle of water for emergencies during journeys of short durations. If the journey is going to last some hours, you had better take more bottles as per your estimated requirement. You must make the meal before journey light. Avoid fried food. Stomach upset is the last thing you want to develop. During travel, keep drinking water at intervals to avoid dehydration.

You may seek out an air conditioned bus to avoid discomfort and dehydration. You must carry an emergency kit containing your prescription medication. For oral Dehydration salts are helpful to replenish your depleting water storage in the body. Do not forget to take all your hospital papers like diagnosis, charts etc.

Needless to mention for any normal pregnancy it is always advised by doctors to keep moving and be in motion to make space for baby to come out at last moment. Hence don’t juts restrict your daily activities, however just adopt some Precautionary measures.

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