Travelling In Pregnancy

Travelling In Pregnancy

Travelling In Pregnancy - Tips for Travel During Pregnancy » Travelling in PregnancyBecoming a mom is the most beautiful feeling for a girl. It’s her true journey towards womanhood and start of a new and loving relationship for whole life. Suddenly a tiny life growing inside becomes the centre of your universe and you want to protect and give the whole world to this newly found happiness. This mixed up emotional feelings and physical changes come with extra apprehension, worries and mood swings. Most of the women are tense about their travelling during pregnancy.

So here are some tips which can really help you to release your anxiety, first and foremost is to consult your gynecologist about the travel. In normal cases travelling is safe. Follow all the precautions and tips given by your doctor. Do not forget to take his/her note about your medical fitness to travel. It may be needed later. Take your medicines and water with you. Its always good to travel in second trimester and avoid a travel before 12th week and after 27th week.

Now most of the women face the problem of swollen feet during pregnancy. So if you are doing air travel try to take a seat where there is more leg space so that you can stretch your legs and can get up to take small walks periodically. Air travel can also cause dehydration due to low humidity level. So try to drink plenty of water. It will be beneficial to check airline policy for pregnant ladies beforehand only. Take healthy snacks and juices; it’ll help you to keep fresh. Wear the most comfortable shoes and loose airy clothing for travelling. Keep your luggage very light to save yourself from any kind of discomfort.

When you are planning your trip by road the most important thing is to take care of motion sickness.try to take small break, While sitting concentrate on a distant object and open the windows for fresh air. Always wear the seat belt below your belly. Take rest; stretch your legs whenever possible. Urge of frequent bladder emptying should be taken care of.

Last but not the least try to be calm and happy. Leave aside all your worries and try to enjoy your trip.

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