Travelling With Children

Travelling With Children

Travelling With Children - Have Fun With Your Kids While Traveling - Keep Your Kids Busy While Traveling » How To Have Fun With Your Kids While TravelingCertainly travelling can be a bit boring for your child as it restricts him or her into their seats only. To make your child enjoy his or her journey in the best way, you need to make certain arrangements beforehand.

Just make you child is busy in the activities that interests him or her and believe me, they will enjoy the every bit of the journey.

Always keep a trash bag along with you, whenever travelling with kids. Talk to your child about why you have kept the trash bag in the car and say that he or she is the pollution control in charge. Ask your child to observe the passing scene and say ‘pollution’ every time he or she sees something that is polluting the environment- may be some litter lying on the road or a polluting vehicle etc.

‘I spy’ is a good game to play with your kids. Give your child a category to spy- like a ‘good truck’ and compete with him or her regarding who spots it first. Thereafter you can ask the child to choose the next category.

Play guessing games with your kids. Think of an object and let your child guess what it is by asking maximum of twenty questions. I am sure your kids will love this game.

If the journey is too long, let your child count the number of trees that you pass on the way. This will keep him busy for long time plus you can even do your own work in-between.

If your child is really creative enough, give him or her some color pens, pencils, erasers and drawing sheets to let the child draw things as per his or her imagination. Later you can praise his or her artwork.

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