Treating Some Common Foot Problems

Treating Some Common Foot Problems

Treating Some Common Foot Problems - Care for Foot Problems - How to Avoid Foot Problems - Symptoms of Foot Problems | Tips on - Find TipsBacterial and Fungal Infections
The most common type of foot problems are bacterial and fungal infections. These infections occur when people keep their foot in shoes for longer time. It provides favorable environment fungal growth like dark, humid and warm place. Symptoms in these conditions are blisters, dry skin, peeling, redness and itching. To keep this problem away, keep your feet dry and clean. To do this, put foot powder and change your socks regularly

Dry Skin of Foot
When skin of your foot is extremely dry, you may feel burning and itching. For treating this condition, you should use only mild soaps and moisturize foot with cream, oil or lotions at regular intervals.

Corns and calluses
This condition is caused by the regular friction of bony part of the feet with shoes. To avoid this problem, use better fitted shoes and special pads. In case of more serious problem, get medication from doctor.

This viral infection may need medication by doctor or surgery as the doctor prescribes.

When joints in big toe do not fit together, this foot problem develops. Toes become swollen and tender. This problem can be treated by cushioning the bunions by wearing pads. Some other aids to tackle this problem are wearing cut wide shoes and foot tapping.

Ingrown toenails:
This problem is caused by not cutting nails properly. These nails break into skin. To avoid this problem, you should cut your nails straight across the toe level.

Due to reduction of tendons, this problem occurs. Because of the enlargement of toe knuckle, toe is drawn back. Balance of foot gets disturbed due to stiffing of enlarged joints and their rubbing against shoes. To avoid this problem, wear the shoes and socks which leave space for movement of toes.

General Care for Foot problems
• Always keep your foot clean and dry.

• Cut your nail straight across.

• Apply and massage cream regularly.

• If there is any change in color or any abnormal growth, in any part of the feet, just take care of it.

• Wear shoes of right size and shape.

• Always wear slippers or shoes to avoid unnecessary injury to feet.

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